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Ofcom investigates Vodafone and Three net neutrality breach

Telecommunications regulator Ofcom is shaking things up once more. As their battle with Vodafone continues, the regulator has now stirred service provider Three into the mix. While the US reels from its net neutrality uproar, it’s beginning to look as though we may have our own little scandal in the oven. Ofcom has begun their […]

Churches for broadband

In the latest edition of ‘huh?’ worthy news, the UK government has formed a new accord with the ‘National Church institutions of the Church of England’. The accord aims to spread Wireless broadband into the rural communities of England through none other than church spires and towers! Due to their astronomically sized spires and towers, […]

Newsletter | Feb

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. Thanks for sticking with us. February is a short month but we’ve still managed to squeeze some work in. Much of it is “under-the-bonnet”, so whilst we don’t have another new website to showcase, hopefully, some of our customers are interested in our recent Provisioning and API […]

Breaking VoIP Myths

VoIP is quickly dominating the world of telecommunications, and for us, it’s pretty darn great and amazing. However, with all things great and good in the world, myths swirl around slowly plotting its demise (it’ll never happen). So, here we are to bust some myths and lies about VoIP. Myth one: VoIP will cost your […]

Vodafone vs Ofcom

Well, it looks like Vodafone is in Ofcom hot water again! In October of last year, Ofcom published their year-long investigation into Vodafone’s breach of customer protection rules. The investigation concluded with Vodafone being fined a jaw-dropping sum of £4.6m. The investigation came about when Ofcom was notified of Vodafone’s continuous incorrect billing for Pay-as-you-go […]

Google You Owe Us, signed iPhone users

Everyone’s favorite company got a nice surprise for the holidays. However, I can’t say that the surprise was nice.  Now, don’t tell them I told you, but it was a good old class action lawsuit. I know what you’re thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?’ Vigilante group ‘Google You Owe Us’ has surfaced with claims of […]

Newsletter | Jan 25

January marks a month of change for Packnet. Not only do we have a new website, and beautiful theme to match, but we’ve also decided to introduce the first issue of our monthly newsletter. The newsletter will feature a ‘Packnet Corner’ section that fills you in on everything you need to know, from important announcements to new […]

What is ruining my network?

How many businesses really know the amount of devices connected to their networks? And from there, how many know which devices are exhausting their network and bandwidth capacity? The guys in IT probably know what’s what, but ultimately the policy of the business should be to analyse what’s connected to their network and have procedures […]

Callum Byrnes
Blueface and Star2Star’s £368.8m merger

Irish VoIP company Blueface and US telecoms company Star2Star have agreed to a whopping $500m (£368.8m) merger that they hope will push them into becoming a global powerhouse telecoms provider. ‘Finacial times’ has dubbed the merge ‘the second significant deal in the cloud communications market after Cisco System’s $1.9b BroadSoft takeover’. What does the merger […]

Tree Planting with Fruitful Office

With all the dark and chilling stuff going on in the world, we’d just like to share something that can hopefully warm your hearts as it did ours. Every so often, Fruitful Office delivers a delicious wicker basket of fresh fruit to our office. With every fruit basket we order from Fruitful Office, the team over at […]

Our new website!

As we welcome 2018, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new and updated website! Our previous website was launched in 2014, and I’m sure we can all say that a lot has changed in four years. Therefore, we’ve also decided to embrace the new age with a sleek and vibrant website that […]

UAE kisses VoIP goodbye

Now, as you know we offer great VoIP services (it’s a humble brag but bear with me) and you as a business also know that VoIP cuts costs and overall helps you and your business. However, not everyone gets the privilege to use VoIP – specifically speaking, our good friends in the UAE. Due to […]

Christmas Time of Day Routing

As the festivities approach, we’d like to remind you of our Christmas TODR cut off date, Friday 22nd December.   As Friday 22nd December approaches, please send your requests quick as things become busy near the holidays. Our festive holiday opening times Friday 22nd December   –   8:30  – 17:30 ( open as usual) Monday 25th December […]

EE and UK’s first successful 5G test

EE, the mobile network giant that you probably loath because of the unending Kevin Bacon adverts, (Oh, and of course Britney Spears! How could I forget.)  has announced that they’ve completed UK’s first 5G lab test. This major feat was achieved alongside the help of Chinese telecoms equipment company, Huawei, who are best known for […]