Here is a comprehensive list of answers to the most frequently asked questions we get about VoIP.


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Yes, to use VoIP you need an internet connection.

It’s up to you. If you want to stay with your current provider, Packnet’s system is proven to work with all major UK ISPs. You can also transfer your broadband over to Packnet. You can read more about Packnet’s connectivity solutions here.

Most numbers can be transferred to Packnet. Send an enquiry in today to see if your number can be transferred.

There are several options. You can still forward calls to your new Packnet number. You can still use Packnet as an alternative secondary phone line. You can still use Packnet as an outgoing-only solution. Or, you can pick a new number.

Yes. You can pick from a variety of different UK area codes, UK non-geographic numbers and international numbers.

Yes. One of the benefits of VoIP is that it is not geographically dependant. Meaning you could be based in Manchester, but use a London number.

Yes, as long as it is SIP compatible it will most likely work with Packnet. Read more on some of Packnet’s preferred hardware partners here.

There is no install. All you need is a broadband connection, an IP Phone or softphone, and a telephone number. If you already have equipment we can get you set up within the day. If you require new equipment, we can send out your hardware pre-configured with next-day delivery. Numbers can be added to your account immediately and configured within minutes.

Packnet is not geographically dependant, you can just pack your phones up and plug them in at your new office.

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Even better than analogue. Most new IP handsets come with HD audio

You can view a selection of our most popular features here. IVR menus, time-based call routing and call pickup are some of the highlights — all free of charge.

You can view your full price list at any time on Metis.

You can view your call rates list at any time on Metis.

We take payment via Direct Debit. Read here about our DKMS direct debit drive.

You can add a new user to your account immediately using Metis, or you can contact Packnet support who will be able to help.

You can view some of our popular hardware solutions here. You can also view your full hardware pricing sheet using Metis. Read more on some of Packnet’s preferred hardware partners here.

You can speak to one of our broadband experts on 01616602350 for advice, or if you know what you need you can just email us.

You can forward your calls using the Metis portal or by contacting Packnet support who can action this for you.

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that enables voice transmissions to travel over the internet, rather than over traditional analogue phone lines. Watch our short video here to find out more.

Analogue telephones communicate over copper wires whilst VoIP phones use your broadband connection to send voice streams over the internet.

Hosted VoIP or hosted telephony (they mean the same thing) is a telephony solution which does not involve any onsite PBX equipment. Your handsets connect remotely to your Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) VoIP servers over the internet, meaning you only need an IP phone and an internet connection.

Yes. You do not need any onsite PBX equipment for your Packnet system to work. Some businesses prefer using their own PBX equipment, in that case we would use a SIP trunk to enable access to our service.

You will find there is no difference between making a call using a traditional analogue phone and making a call using a VoIP phone.

When compared to an analogue phone, the advantages are clear. IP Phones are packed with features like local phone directories, memory keys, presence indicators, colour screens, do not disturb and more.

VoIP is far less expensive that traditional telephony. You will spend less on infrastructure, upkeep and call rates (especially international destinations). You also get more for your money – many professional features come free of charge like time-based call routing, voicemail to email and follow-me. You can read more about the advantages of VoIP here.

Key benefits include saving up to 40% on call rates, free customer support, totally managed services, follow-me numbers, professional call routing and IVR menus and more. Read more on the advantages of VoIP for SMEs.

At least as good as, if not better, than traditional telephony. Many phones come with HD voice built in, and many ITSPs support HD voice codecs.

Aren’t you convinced yet? You spend less, you get more plus it’s customised to fit your needs. Read more on how VoIP could benefit your type of business in our Sectors section.

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