Dashboard is a system bolt-on that provides at a glance statistics

Web-based, real-time representation of your businesses inbound and outbound call statistics.

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Dashboard is a web-based, real-time, “wallboard” representation of your business’s inbound and outbound call statistics. It can be used to see your business as a whole or you can create multiple dashboards based on Call Queues used within your business.

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Key Benefits

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• See how your business is working in an instant.
• Multi site visibility in real time.
• See how teams within your business are performing.

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• Extension level visibility and reporting.

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Big Screen
• Stick it on the telly, optimised for 1080.

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• Track calls by source, national, mobile, international.

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• Make business decisions based on real time information.

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• Security features include HTTPS and access restriction by IP address.

Dashboard Features

Colour options per tile

Colour options per tile

Add a splash of colour. Customise your Dashboard to fit your businesses theme.

Setup in 5 minutes

Setup in 5 minutes

No special configuration is needed. You create your Dashboard with a click of a button.

Record your own message

Dashboard per call queue

Create a Dashboard for any of your Call Queues.


Managed from Metis portal

Stay in control. We’ve given you the tools to add, delete and modify your Dashboards straight from your Metis account.

Track SLA

Track SLA - ‘time to answer’ in real time

No more sifting through reports. With SLA stats you can see how your business is meeting its targets in real time.

Full access controls for enhanced security

Full access controls for enhanced security

Peace of mind. Security is one of our top priorities, your Dashboards will only be reachable from where you want them to be.

Our Technology Partners

Snom, Gigaset, Draytek, Yealink
RIPE NCC, Linx, Comms Council UK, Ombudsman Services