Advantages of VoIP for Business

Why are more and more businesses switching to VoIP?

In this day and age, it is more important than ever that businesses are able to control costs, be flexible and quick, retain existing customers and successfully win new ones. Whilst it may seem odd that a mere telephone system can add all this, in reality Packnet VoIP helps our business customers to do all this, and more!

Some of the core benefits of our system are as follows:

  • Packnet VoIP is very scalable – Our customers can add and remove employees from the system in a matter of minutes. There is no need for new lines and the associated waiting around and long contracts that used to apply.
  • Packnet VoIP offers real value for money– The majority of our customers save between 25 and 50% of their previous telephony costs (line rental, maintenance, call costs).
  • Packnet VoIP is always up to date – We regularly apply the latest proven technologies to our network, meaning that you never have to worry about future compatibility.
  • Packnet VoIP offer extreme flexibility – Our network allows several different locations to be connected to the same system. Branch offices, remote workers etc can all use the system, meaning free calls between each location and the ability to transfer calls from location to location.
  • Packnet VoIP offers a wealth of features and advanced functionality – We have built in the full range of advanced PBX functionality. This includes: Auto-attendant, on hold music, voicemail2email, fax2email, hunt groups etc.
  • Packnet VoIP reduces maintenance costs and is secure – Our solution is fully-hosted on our servers in our multiple data centres. Our customers have no hardware that would need upgrading and maintaining. Our network is spread across three high-end data centres with the highest levels of network security built-in as standard
  • Packnet VoIP puts you firmly in control – Our customers have full control of their telephony system through our online portal. This allows our customers to create call groups, change voicemails, switch on call recording and create/delete extensions. Over and above this all of our customers can see their bills in real-time, meaning no nasty surprises at the end of the month!.
  • Packnet VoIP helps you manage your business more effectively – The reporting system on our platform allows you to monitor and analyse how your phone system is being used. Our customers can analyse the number of incoming and outgoing calls, can see where calls are being routed and who is picking them up and can understand how long employees are on the phone for. This type of information can help to identify work patterns and help to define training needs going forward.
  • Packnet VoIP helps our customers increase their client retention and improve their conversion of new opportunities – Packnet’s VoIP offering helps your clients/prospects get in touch with the right person as quickly as possible. In addition, the management information it provides will help you to improve the ways in which your business uses the phone. With these two working in combination, customer service will be enhanced and your ability to respond to and convert new opportunities will be improved

Switching to VoIP

There are many benefits of switching to a VoIP system from traditional telephony – with one of the biggest advantages of VoIP seen as the money-saving potential. Some of the key VoIP benefits have been featured below:

  • Cost-effective calls – This is one of the key reasons that businesses typically chose to switch to a VoIP system, as the cost of phone calls will be greatly reduced due to them being sent over the internet. This is especially beneficial for companies that actively make a lot of calls on a daily basis, or those which have to communicate long-distance (including internationally).
  • Scalability – Companies using a VoIP system have the great advantage of being able to easily add new phone numbers or extensions (inc. voice mail inboxes) via the web, without the need for extra costs and setup time associated with traditional telephony.
  • Portability – If you’re going to be away from the office and still need to make and receive calls, VoIP allows you to do this. A great advantage of VoIP is that it is internet based; meaning any internet-enabled device that has communication functionality can be used to send and receive calls via your VoIP telephone network. This makes phone calls as convenient as email – and is as easy as plug-and-play in most cases.
  • Feature-rich – Along with the standard features that one would expect from a telephone system, a VoIP solution brings along a whole manner of new features. Caller ID, conference calling, voice-to-email, call waiting and call forwarding – all of which come as standard with a business VoIP system.

The above covers a small set of the advantages of VoIP for business. If you would like to find out more information about how VoIP can benefit your business, please feel free to get in touch.

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