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Hosted Telephony for Call Centres

If there’s one thing a call centre relies on, it’s voice communication. If your business’s communication with customers or recruits aren’t up to par, you could very well find yourself losing money. And who wants that? No one, therefore, why risk losing money with a subpar phone system?

Increasing business efficiency With Hosted Telephony

Whether you run an estate agency or salon, speaking to your customers is arguably the most important part of your business and any business to be truthful. Moreover, communication doesn’t just end between you and your customers; you need to speak to suppliers, partners, recruits and so much more!

Hosted Telephony, the smart choice for SMEs

Large corporations may rule the vast landscape of business, but with the recent slew of mega-corporations such as Toys ‘R’ Us and Maplin crashing and burning, it’s clear that bigger isn’t always better. SMEs, such as ours, make up the largest fraction of companies operating in the UK – with 99% of the 5 million businesses being qualified as SMEs.