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The Race to VoLTE

Hip Hip Hooray! After a particularly rough ride to an all IP mobile network, EE has finally improved the reliability of its voice calls. Our favourite network performance investigator, RootMetrics, noticed a drop in EE’s network rating when the telecoms company introduced VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution). EE rolled out their VoLTE calling service across […]

Increasing business efficiency With Hosted Telephony

Whether you run an estate agency or salon, speaking to your customers is arguably the most important part of your business and any business to be truthful. Moreover, communication doesn’t just end between you and your customers; you need to speak to suppliers, partners, recruits and so much more!

UK switches copper for VoIP

It looks like a VoIP world is coming along sooner than we think. And don’t say we didn’t tell you so. BT has announced plans to ditch their traditional phone lines in favour of VoIP. This means that all calls made by it’s UK customers will be made over their fibre broadband network.   What […]

May Bank Holiday – 7th May

Due to public holidays in the UK, the Packnet office will be closed during normal business hours on Monday 7th May. We are also using this opportunity to remind customers to send in their dial plan requirements for the bank holiday weekend before 14:00 4th May. Read on for answers to commonly asked questions. What […]

Newsletter | The April run-down

Welcome to the fourth issue of Packnet’s newsletter! Many things have happened, for one we had the hottest day to date for 2018 and how could we forget the birth of the Royal baby!? Breathe easy, because we certainly won’t be giving you back-to-back coverage on all things pertaining the little prince. In the latest […]

Hosted PBX vs On-premise PBX

What does PBX stand for? Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private telephone system used within an organisation. It allows users within the organisation to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls.

The move to cloud. Is it right for your business?

The cloud. It sounds ominous, but you’ve certainly heard the phrase thrown about. Whether at work, on the way home or at home, you’ve come across ‘The Cloud’ – and as mysteriously ‘1984’ as it may sound, cloud services have become a staple in our lives. And as businesses, you’ve probably reached the point of […]

Packnet Provisioning

We’re happy to announce the arrival of our integrated provisioning platform. You can find it in the new ‘Hardware’ section of your Metis account. Provisioning lets you add MAC addresses and gives you the tools to remotely manage their settings and values. You can also create customer templates for phone models that share a group […]

Callum Byrnes
Plantronics acquires Polycom in $2 billion deal

Big news for the telecoms world! Plantronics, the leading headset maker, has announced that it will be acquiring video conferencing equipment maker, Polycom in a whopping cash-and-stock deal worth $2 billion (£1.4 billion for us Brits). The deal comes two years after Polycom was acquired by private-equity firm Siris Capital for $1.7 billion (£1.2 billion), […]

Newsletter | March

Welcome to the third issue of Packnet’s newsletter! With March reaching its timely end, and holidays just around the corner, we’d just like to fill you in on all that’s been happening. In this issue, we give you the rundown on our delightful meeting with Yealink and Provu (who generously gave us some authentic Chinese […]

UK Bank Holiday Weekend (Easter)

Due to public holidays in the UK, the Packnet office will be closed during normal business hours on Friday 30th March and Monday 2nd April. We are also using this opportunity to remind customers to send in their dial plan requirements for the bank holiday weekend before Thursday 29th March. Read on for answers to […]

Callum Byrnes
Hosted Telephony, the smart choice for SMEs

Large corporations may rule the vast landscape of business, but with the recent slew of mega-corporations such as Toys ‘R’ Us and Maplin crashing and burning, it’s clear that bigger isn’t always better. SMEs, such as ours, make up the largest fraction of companies operating in the UK – with 99% of the 5 million businesses being qualified as SMEs.

Ofcom investigates Vodafone and Three net neutrality breach

Telecommunications regulator Ofcom is shaking things up once more. As their battle with Vodafone continues, the regulator has now stirred service provider Three into the mix. While the US reels from its net neutrality uproar, it’s beginning to look as though we may have our own little scandal in the oven. Ofcom has begun their […]

Churches for broadband

In the latest edition of ‘huh?’ worthy news, the UK government has formed a new accord with the ‘National Church institutions of the Church of England’. The accord aims to spread Wireless broadband into the rural communities of England through none other than church spires and towers! Due to their astronomically sized spires and towers, […]