Upgrade your FTTC to SOGEA and transfer your number at the same time

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May 9, 2023 | Callum Douglas - Byrnes

Upgrade your FTTC to SOGEA and transfer your number at the same time

As part of the PSTN switch-off, we are introducing a new way to upgrade your connectivity to future-proofed broadband and, at the same time, port your PSTN/WLR number to Packnet.

It’s called a SOGEA Integral Number Transfer, and businesses using PSTN/WLR connectivity services (ADSL, FTTC, Gfast) can take advantage of the new process today.

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What is a SOGEA Integral Number Transfer?

Simply put, it’s when a user upgrades their PSTN-based broadband to SOGEA and ports the PSTN number to a VoIP provider at the same time.

What are the requirements?

The process is straightforward, and there are only a few requirements:

  • Your PSTN/WLR3 line is on the BT network (Packnet’s WLR3 services use the BT network)
  • SOGEA must be available at your location

If you use a third-party PSTN/WLR3 service, send your line’s CLI to our support team, and we will get you the Location Code and CUPID ID. We will load this information into your Metis account, and then you can place your SOGEA Integral Number Transfer order.

How do I place a SOGEA Integral Number Transfer order?

If you already use our PSTN/WLR3 services, enter your line’s CLI into Metis’ broadband availability checker, where you will be notified if SOGEA is available. Find your PSTN/WLR3 line on the next page and select ‘Migration’. The option for SOGEA Integral Number Transfer will then appear.

For a complete ordering guide, please read the article on our help page here: https://help.pack-net.co.uk/article/99-integrated-sogea-migration-and-number-porting

Currently, we do not support third-party PSTN/WLR3 lines but plan to add support in the near future.

Why should I upgrade to SOGEA?

Openreach is switching off the PSTN/WLR3 network in the next few years. Rather than waiting, customers should look at upgrading to future-proofed connectivity (SOGEA, FTTP) as soon as possible to avoid disruption. This is an example of the current Openreach PSTN setup:

Upgrading from PSTN/WLR3 to SOGEA ceases the PSTN/WLR3 services on a line, so up until now, losing that Caller ID number was a major barrier for some customers. Now that you can use SOGEA AND keep your Caller ID number, there is every reason to upgrade.

Is there a cost to this process?

There is no charge to migrate your existing ADSL or FTTC circuit to SoGEA.

There is a one-off charge to port the number from your current WLR provider to the Packnet voice network.

Are there any billing changes?

On the order completion date, the following billing changes will happen:

  1. The WLR3 service provided by Packnet will cease.
  2. Your original FTTC service provided by Packnet will cease.
  3. The new SoGEA service will start billing.
  4. A one-off charge to port the number from your current WLR3 provider to Packnet.
  5. The ported number will start billing.

Can I use the same router?

If you had an FTTC connection, the router would also work for your new SoGEA connection.

Will I have to reconfigure the router?

You can continue with the original username and password if there is no ISP (Internet service provider) change. If your connection had a static IP address, this would also stay the same.

If there is a change in ISP, you will be given a new username and password. This must be configured on your router. You will also have a new static IP address assigned.

Is there a time when the SoGEA migration will be complete?

We advise that your router is rebooted at midday on the completion date. If you need to change your username and password, please ensure this is done simultaneously. This should allow your router to pick up the new connection and IP address if there’s a change in ISP.

Is there a time when the number port will be complete?

Number ports generally complete between 10 AM and midday on the order completion date.

What do I need to do to receive calls on the ported number?

Once the port has been completed, all calls will be delivered via VoIP (voice-over IP). You will need an IP phone or software to make and receive calls.

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