VoIP for Professional Services

Find out how Packnet help the Professional Services sector

Key Benefits

Tailored call recording

Tailored call recording solutions

Intelligent call routing

Intelligent call routing

Record your own message

Record and apply your own messages

Low overhead cost

Low overhead costs

voicemail email

Voicemail 2 Email

99.9 uptime

99.9% uptime

VoIP for Professional Services

Choosing a new phone system can often pose a problem, especially for those in the Professional Services sector. Your business needs an economical and flexible solution that still operates from within the strict regulations businesses adhere to. Fortunately, Packnet’s VoIP system ticks those boxes.

Adhere to Rules & Regs

Your call recordings can be retained for 30 days, all the way up to 6 years, and all from within the UK. Notify your customers by applying a friendly message at the beginning of your incoming numbers. To assist you further in adhering to R&Rs, you can pause and unpause call recording during an active call.

Custom on hold marketing

Give your phone system that professional touch. You can upload your own custom on-hold music or marketing for your business.

Call recording on the go

We understand that, for some companies, all calls must be recorded, regardless of the content. With Packnet’s softphone application, you can use your mobile as an office extension. All your calls are recorded as if you were making them from your desk.

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