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Key Benefits


Trusted by customers

Network savvy

Already network savvy

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Better grasp of system features and hardware


Completely customisable

multi tiered IVR

Multi-tiered IVR menus

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Existing customer base

VoIP for IT

Chances are if you work in IT, you already know what VoIP is. You also know that it requires a well organised local network and a decent connectivity solution sat behind it. What you may not realise is you sit in a brilliant position to take advantage of reseller opportunities. Most clients already trust your technical know-how and conversely, distrust VoIP’s technicalities, leaving only you to put them at ease.

21st Century Comms

If you are an IT, networking, consultancy or technology firm and you’re not using VoIP, then your communication systems are stuck in the past. Bring your comms inline and up to date with the rest of your business.


In most cases, there is a learning curve associated with any new system, never mind VoIP. But, if you are an experienced IT firm then there is nothing to worry about. Chances are, you already have the expertise from within your team of skilled support engineers.

VoIP reseller opportunities

VoIP services are a brilliant addition to any portfolio and could provide your business with an extra revenue stream. VoIP runs off connectivity, and we supply that too, do you see where we’re going here?

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