VoIP for Estate Agents

Key Benefits for VoIP for Estate Agents

  • Custom on hold marketing
  • Softphone mobile application
  • Numbers availability
  • Call recording solutions
  • Professional IVR menus
  • Voicemail 2 Email

Packnet’s hosted telephony platform allows the Estate Agency sector to provide best in class customer service. We can improve your customer experience with simple but clever IVR menus and using custom on-hold marketing to advertise your latest properties and offers. If your agency has multiple sites across the UK, then take advantage of free on-net calls, number availability, and site-to-site transfers.

Always available

Realtors and agents must be out of the office to conduct many important aspects of their role. Fortunately, we support this scenario in a number of ways, consider our softphone solution that converts your mobile an office extension, or simply divert your office phone to your mobile phone number at the press of a button.

Free on-net calls

If you have more than one office then you’ll be happy to know that calls between them are completely free. If you choose to bring all offices in under the same account, then site-to-site transferring is available by default.

Number availability

If you service multiple areas of the country then you’ll be happy to know that we can provision you a number of any area code. This way your customers will always have a familiar number to call.

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