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American company XO Communications claims to be lending a helping hand to multi-location companies by providing them with increased flexibility and seeing that each of their operations and offices are gathered under one communications platform. With multiple features offered, the aim is to unify the workforce with advanced business VoIP tools and capabilities.

XO had made improvements to its Hosted SBX service, which is geared towards multi-location enterprise and business customers, by adding the option of customer-specified bandwidth to its services. The firm’s customers can now use XO’s business VoIP to take advantage of the full features of XO Hosted PBX for the benefit of the entire workforce via an online connection from all providers of broadband.

The ‘bring your own bandwidth’ capability has been designed in such a way as to provide multi-location and medium-sized enterprises with increased flexibility in their application of XO Hosted PBX capabilities for each of their operations and offices.

XO claims that Hosted PBX can help companies cut down on expenditure, make their management of communications simpler, and realise the production advantages that business VoIP offers. The cloud-oriented service combines network and voice services with the equipment in a single complete solution.

XO Communications chief marketing officer, Don MacNeil, said:

“Customers are encouraged to connect via our end-to-end, quality managed solution, although it is not always practical for smaller branch offices.

“This new offering allows XO to engineer solutions for multi-location enterprise customers so they can seamlessly unite all of their locations and employees on one communications platform.”

Features and capabilities of the service include unified communication applications and IP telephony, HD voice, free inter-site and local calling, Polycom and Cisco IP phone equipment, a Web portal for control and command and ease-of-service management, on-the-go capabilities for mobile employees, and enterprise-grade network services features MPLS IP-VPN.

Callum Byrnes