Business Phone Systems

Business Telephone Systems

PackNet provide fully managed business telephone systems through a hosted VoIP network, allowing you to cut down costs and increase productivity across your company.

A VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) solution differs from traditional telephony in the sense that the voice data is sent via a high-speed internet connection as opposed to standard wiring. Whilst cost savings are an important part of the attractiveness of business VoIP, PackNet’s business clients use VoIP because it allows them to:

Save Money – typically save 30-50% off overall telephony costs
Work more efficiently – channel calls, connect remote offices/workers
Improve customer service – Makes it easier for customers to contact the right people quickly
Be more scalable and flexible – add or remove extensions as your business requires
Be Future-proofed – we incorporate the latest developments as a matter of course

The most common reason for switching to a VoIP business telephone system is that it can help to reduce costs across a business. Unlike traditional telephony, the phone conversations you have via a VoIP network are transmitted as data passing through your Internet connection, meaning that telephone bills are often dramatically reduced for businesses.

What do you get?

With a PackNet business telephone system, you get all of the features of traditional telephony, and more. The main features includes include(but isn’t aren’t limited to): call routing, call recording, voicemail to email, fax to email, conference calls, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) functionality such as Auto-attendant and on hold music.

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Why choose PackNet?

PackNet have a dedicated team that has over a decade’s experience of setting up and managing business VoIP telephony solutions of all sizes. At PackNet we have built our business based upon three core principles: a great product, a great service and great client support. PackNet works with businesses across the UK and Ireland who stay with us because we deliver on our commitments

PackNet are able to provide a feature-rich business telephone system that is scalable and reliable, and has the ability to dramatically reduce costs within your business.

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Metis is a scalable, low cost alternative to a traditional PBX office telephone system.


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