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Florida cargo shipping firm, Amerijet International Inc, is now in a better position to support organic growth of businesses with a data centre solution from Dell that comprises services, software and infrastructure.

The firm’s new data centre has enabled it to reduce facility expenditure by 60% thanks to energy efficiency. The firm has further cut down on the time it takes to carry out manifest printing and closing flights by 96%, enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting a higher number of cut-off customs times and expediting freight transportation.

Making sure that the business takes the next step on the ladder and meets its required targets of expediting shipments meant that IT needed to evolve into a company enabler. A plan for such change included a transition to a new facility for data as well as replacing the firm’s mixed-vendor situation with a Dell end-to-end infrastructure, including services, software and hardware. The centre offers maximum performance and availability for the firm’s key cargo systems and business applications.

The shipping company will have a close working relationship with the IT giant, who will allow it to develop a flexible, scalable and reliable enterprise data centre.

Amerijet Holdings, Inc. (Parent company of Amerijet) senior director for information services and technology, Jennifer S. Torlone, said:

“Our worldwide cargo transportation services depend on a reliable IT infrastructure. We can get planes in the air faster and meet more customs cut-off times for freight clearance with our new Dell infrastructure. That means people don’t have to wait an extra day to receive their shipments. For us, it means more customer service successes.”

Seeking further ways to offer the business value as well as improving the bottom line, Amerijet has integrated IP telephony that is influenced by Power-over-Ethernet with VLAN video, voice and other network traffic supported by Dell networking switches.

Callum Byrnes