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SUMTEC held it’s the latest ITEXPO technology conference last week, and visitors got to see a number of state-of-the-art communication integration solutions and products on display.

Those who attended the event were given the chance to sit in on the sponsor conferences as well as visit the exhibitions, where the biggest technological innovations and products were showcased.

During the event, SUMTEC has been developing innovative IP telephony technologies for over 20 years, showed off its most recent hardware application, as well as an IP telephony service solely designed to serve the corporate sector.

Rohde and Schwarz Topex showed off some of its more prominent gear, including Bytton ICR, Bytton VoIP and Mobilink IP, which has the main purpose of allowing users to connect mobile networks to either a hybrid PBX or IP PBX.

Rohde and Schwarz Topex’s Sales & Marketing Director, Constantin Dumitrescu, said:

“It is always an honour to participate to the annual SUMTEC ITEXPO event, providing us the opportunity to interface with the mobile telecommunication market leaders in South America.

“We hope that our new and innovative equipment shown at the event will provide many benefits to all customers from the telecom industry allowing us to increase our visibility in this market.”

The Bytton ICR is an industrial router transferring data at high speed over the 3G+ network. Along with secured software and advanced VPN features, it provides industrial grade traits such as a rugged metal case and DIN Rail mounting. It features numerous protocols and communication interfaces which are monitored by advanced mechanisms. Backward capability also comes in the form of USB, WiFi and LAN connections.

Bytton VoIP migrates the customer’s legacy PBX to either the IGN or IMS network. The solution is cost effective as it sources data applications, T.38 fax and VoIP all from the same place.

Callum Byrnes