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Canadian tech firm, Phybridge, which works to improve practical Unified Communications and IP technology innovation, has announced its EMEA expansion alongside the appointment of new Vice President, Viv Singh.

Phybridge’s switch innovation offers Ethernet, as well as Power over Ethernet, across just one wire pairing with a reach four times that of the traditional offering. It has been specifically designed so that businesses can make the most of their current voice infrastructure, altering it to become an IP path which has the kind of power that is suitable for IP telephony use. The innovation of the switch removes the costs and problems presented by local area networks.

The benefits that more than 1,000 customers of the Phybridge Switch are realising include reduced costs, highly secure networks, the elimination of disruption and risk, improved voice continuity and a higher quality of service.

Mr Singh has been working in the telecom industry for more than 20 years, in that time holding senior positions at Integrite Europe and before that Channel Head at Aastra Telecom. He offers a wealth of experience having dealt with worldwide partners, carriers, systems and distribution integrators – all areas Phybridge has earmarked for future expansion. The appointment is a reflection of Phybridge’s ongoing investment in EMEA expansion.

The firm’s CEO, John Croce, said:

“The European market represents tremendous opportunity for growth. We are honoured to have Viv join us and lead our EMEA expansion plans. Viv will be responsible for managing our EMEA Team, bringing new initiatives, recruiting and training new resellers, elevating existing partners to higher levels of accreditation and growing our overall EMEA business.”

Mr Singh has said that those in the industry have spent a number of years trying to find a better migration method to IP telephony and they now finally have one in place thanks to Phybridge.

Callum Byrnes