What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is a service that allows you to connect via Session Initiation Protocol to an Internet Telephony Service Provider's network. In simple terms this means that you can use this service to send and receive phone calls across the internet.

The trunk or connection to the provider's network can be tailored to your specific needs.

It can have a limit on the number of calls that can be made at the same time. This is generally known as channel usage and this forms the basis of how the service is billed. Each channel is charged at a cost per month. What differs from traditional telephony is the ability to increase and decrease this without having the penalty of always paying for the highest amount. The service can be setup to allow for national calls only, or for national and international together, in fact you can choose to either allow or disallow calls to any worldwide destination.

Benefits of SIP over traditional fixed line and digital services

Reduced Costs

By utilising your existing PBX or IP infrastructure and purchasing the small amount of equipment required, companies can save over 40% on their business telephony system using SIP.

Reduced time to deliver

SIP trunks can be created on the day and can be deployed by the client in a very short timescale, as opposed to Traditional analogue and digital solutions can take anything from seven days to multiple months.

Choose your numbers

SIP trunking allows you to remove the restriction of being tied to your local exchange area and the numbers that are provided within that area. You can have numbers from London, Birmingham or Manchester all sent to your office located anywhere in the country.

Is SIP Trunking as good as traditional communications services?

When it is setup correctly SIP trunking offers voice quality that is as good as traditional communication setups. The things that are needed are a good local network setup and a connection that has enough bandwidth to ensure that the service can operate in the best manner possible.

The cost of calls using voip are generally cheaper than those made using traditional telephony services. The service element of traditional telephony is also removed and no physical wires and equipment are required. This is because SIP trunking makes use of your internet connection to make calls.

As such all aspects of what is being used on your connection need to be taken into account when putting sip trunking in place for your business. Packnet offers a wide range of connectivity products from leased line to FTTC.

Case Studies

Learn how our customers have benefitted from our SIP Trunking solutions.

PAS case study

SIP Trunking with Avaya IP Office

Personal Audit Systems has an existing Avaya IP Office 500 system which was connected to ISDN2e circuits. The peak period of their business is at the end of the UK Tax year and during this time additional capacity is needed to take a higher volume of both incoming and outgoing calls. They did not want to completely abandon their existing PBX as they had put time and effort into this system and integrating it with their in house systems.

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