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A market research company has claimed that headsets making use of IP telephony are set to edge out traditional landline phones.

According to Tavis McCourt, MD at internet telephony analysts Morgan Keegan, IP phone systems will soon jettison traditional landline telephones altogether as more companies turn to the internet for all of their communications. The majority of desktop PCs used in businesses aren’t suited to conducting VoIP calls – they may have microphones and speakers built in, but the sound quality may hamper any conversation, and making a call can be a distraction to other workers nearby, in a manner to a speaker phone.

This has created the opportunity for many headset manufacturers, whose headsets come ready to connect with desktop computers, laptops and notebooks, meaning quiet and discreet conversations.

A reputable business VoIP provider is now able to offer sleek headsets from many of the big hitters in the audio industry. German company Sennheiser have released the OfficeRunner wireless headset, which allows people to communicate by IP telephony up to 400 feet away from their desk, has become the fastest selling headset in the States. As well as VoIP capability, it can also be used with traditional landline phones.

Plantronics is also seeking a share of the wireless headset market, and is set to release the Savi 730 in 2011. The company says that the headset offers superlative audio quality, and can be switched between VoIP calls, landlines and mobile phones with ease.

Managing VP at market researchers Gartner, Bob Hafner, also concludes that IP telephony is fast gaining ground.

“The key component driving headset activity is software that makes a PC more effective and functional than a desk phone.

“That’s why business communications are converging on PCs and mobile Smartphones.”

Callum Byrnes