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Plantronics announces new headset at CES

Telecoms hardware manufacturer Plantronics has announced an upgrade to its flagship range of Bluetooth headsets, which gives them enhanced IP telephony capability.

At a presentation at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place at glamorous Las Vegas between 10th and 13th of January, the company lifted the lid on the redesign of the Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth headsets. The range was designed to function as VoIP headsets, as well as traditional Bluetooth ones, and was popular with the business owner and VoIP reseller alike, but Plantronics felt it was time to upgrade them.

The new headsets will come with a receiver than can be inserted into the USB port of any computer, which will allow a user to switch devices by simply pressing a button. This means that you could be making a call via one device, and be alerted to an incoming call on another.

The headset has not received too much of a cosmetic upgrade, but it does feature a “smart sensor”, which means that a user does not have to press a button to receive a call – it can recognise when it is placed on the user’s ear, and answers the incoming call automatically. The receiver, or ‘dongle’, has also been reduced in size in a bit to decrease desktop clutter.

Plantronics feel that the latest iteration of the Voyager Pro UC has many advantages for any business which uses IP telephony. Its multi call functionality can decrease customer waiting times, any business owners who are looking to save costs by implementing IP telephony, such as using VoIP compliant mobile phones for mobile employees, can use the headset confident it will work.

The new upgraded headset will be available everywhere from the end of January, at a cost of £128 ($199).

Callum Byrnes