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VoIP phones can further corporate branding, says snom

Business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone systems that allow users freedom to customise them as they wish are excellent news for any small to medium businesses wishing to grow their brand across their telecommunications network, according to VoIP hardware manufacturer snom.

In a recent blog post, the company states that a recognisable brand is “a critical element of corporate identity”.

The company feels that the issue of branding is often overlooked when it comes to business phone systems. Understandably, many SMEs are primarily concerned with the savings that IP telephony can bring when compared to traditional land line based business phone systems, and also the flexibility that comes with features such as call routing to mobile phones and voicemail.

However, snom points out that “an organisation’s IP telephony environment is important to them”.

With the popularity of Smartphones increasing exponentially, it is apparent that phones and desktop computers are converging, and as such, phones are becoming increasingly customisable. As part of the feature for the snom 8xx series of VoIP phones, a company’s corporate logo can be featured on the screen. As well as being aesthetically pleasing and providing a consistent corporate image to employees and customers alike, snom states:

“…those organizations that take their corporate identity seriously spend considerable time and effort to make sure every branding opportunity… is leveraged.”

With the latest range of snom desktop VoIP phones, customisation is a fairly straightforward process. A Wikipedia page for snom users provides guidance, and explains that the phone user interface (PUI) can be personalised by providing the business phone system with a ‘tarball’ – a file format that consolidates lots of other files into a single one – which enables multiple images to be used for different purpose such as idle screens and call backgrounds.

Callum Byrnes