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A new service is set to offer every IP telephony user and business VoIP provider an insight into how well their network is performing.

Monitoring company NetEvidence has unveiled its new network, called Highlight, which is an application designed to monitor the calibre of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls, and give end users and suppliers solid statistics on the quality of its performance.

The service is also cloud hosted, meaning that anyone signed up to it can monitor the performance of their network from anywhere that they can get internet access.

NetEvidence says that Highlight should give confidence to many small to medium businesses who are considering leaving behind traditional land line business phone systems to embrace the new technology, but require a little more convincing to do so. Andy Scutt, Operations director for the firm, said:

“It can be hard to tell what the quality of a VoIP call is going to be before you deploy the technology on a network, and it’s important for firms to be able to see this before they carry out expensive network upgrades.

“We are seeing a lot of large enterprises looking at VoIP as the cost savings could be significant, and some deployments have already taken place among firms that use this product.”

Highlight makes use of a system with its origins in the ‘International Telecommunication Union Test’ to ascertain the calibre of a telephone call. Next, it takes the data and produces text and graphics-based reports to enable a network to be easily analysed, and highlights any problems. These reports can be requested for the previous year.

NetEvidence also claims that Highlight will warn end users if their targeted levels of performance will be imminently breached, affecting the call quality.

Scutt added:

“Networks are evolving all the time as people roll out applications without any thought of how it may impact the network. With Highlight we can set alerts on thresholds for the MOS score to make staff aware of issues that may arise.”

Callum Byrnes