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A brand new survey has shown that the enterprise marketplace is poised to invest heavily in SIP trunking.

SIP trunking is a means to connect the private branch exchange (PBX) of a business to a public switched telephone network over the internet. It has gained popularity thanks to the increasing security it offers to firms wishing to switch from landline phones to IP telephony.

The report suggests that money will be put into Session Internet Protocol (SIP) technology, even though many executives are still somewhat unclear how it will affect their current business phone systems and other future telecoms initiatives.
Surveyors from Voice Report questioned executives with responsibility for making decisions as regards to telecoms strategies, and asked them for their opinions and plans on adopting and using SIP trunking and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony.

The survey found that a third of those asked are currently making use of SIP trunking technology in a meaningful way, whilst a further 56 per cent have drawn up plans to integrate it into their business phone systems by the close of 2011.

This positive trend is happening despite the survey revealing a lack of knowledge about the advantages offered by SIP trunking. The survey also indicated that:

*74 per cent understand that SIP technology can consolidate telecoms services
*64 per cent of those asked have not implemented SIP trunking
*60 per cent of companies that have installed SIP trunking have reported that telecoms operating costs have reduced by at least a tenth
*Just under a half of those asked expressed concerns about the reliability of SIP hardware
*56 per cent plan to pump more money into SIP trunking during 2011
*58 per cent have drawn plans to install SIP trunking to other locations by the end of the year

Callum Byrnes