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Traditional copper line telephony is becoming a thing of the past with the advent of IP technology. In many countries, the transition has been a considerable and swift one, certainly in the US where the best solutions are able to provide a boost to business performance.

The Gazette said that telephone firms in Iowa could now be affected by a commission looking into how to roll out IP telephony across the country.

The issue is currently being studied by a Technology Transitions Policy Task Force, which will dictate what will be needed to see that the US telephone industry is in order and completely integrated into the modern digital age.

Numerous businesses are still relying on traditional systems but those with a more modern outlook are very much aware of a need to embrace technology. IP telephony investments, therefore, can result in increased business efficiency, performance and overall results.

These days, there are dozens of firms providing IP telephony. In fact, the availability is so extensive that less than 30 per cent of businesses and households in the US continue to rely entirely on copper line technology. However, there is more work needed for the entire country to make the move to IP telephony systems.

The best indication of the direction in which the market is headed may come from the fact that phone providers in Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Texas have managed to persuade lawmakers in each state to change their legislation. The rule previously in place stated that these bodies had to provide premises with a landline, which has allowed companies to focus on the latest in IP telephony.

Telecommunication companies in the Iowa area, however, remain ordered to oversee the internet and landlines being introduced to customers.

Callum Byrnes