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Hosted VoIP allows your business to have all its voice based communications looked after by one system and one supplier. From VoIP number provisioning to call recording, hosted IP telephony has all the features you would expect from a traditional PBX and some which are simply only available from a hosted IP telephony infrastructure.

If you are looking for a fully managed telephony service to install into new premises or to replace or enhance your existing system, with minimal or no capital expenditure, then Packnet Hosted VoIP system is the ideal solution for you.

So what is Hosted IP Telephony? Really it’s simply a way of allowing you to connect to your own part of a much larger and more powerful centralised IP PBX. This IP PBX is located in our data centre and is managed by our in-house software which we call Metis. Metis is one single online gateway to all the voice services and functions which your business needs to manage on a daily basis.

Packnet Hosted VoIP solution is a cost effective, fully managed business voice solution, available anywhere in the UK and Ireland, offering a flexible and scalable alternative to a traditional premisebased voice system (private automatic branch exchange – PABX ).

Effectively, Packnet Hosted VoIP solution provides a switchboard capability to customers that is actually managed from our telephone exchange, meaning that you avoid all the day-to-day hassle and costs of managing the phone system yourself.

To install a hosted IP Telephony solution you will need a connection to the internet and IP Phones. The rest is taken care of off-site in a secure data centre environment. Access to your phone system is via an online portal available from any location at any time.

Hosted VoIP allows you to take advantage of the reduced overall costs. These reductions can be seen in lower monthly costs as compared to expensive ISDN charges, and lower cost of ownership of equipment. See more about this here.

This advanced telephone service is hosted and managed using our infrastructure in the UK and is delivered and supported over our state-of-the-art.

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