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UK business is set to be boosted over coming years, with the country set to play host to about 26 million broadband lines in just four years from now.

Opening up the possibility for faster commerce and greater expansion, the news from an independent analysis company, will please business leaders throughout the country.

The forecast has come by way of research conducted by broadband analyst company Tech Point.

The company has also said that most connections will rely on fibre optics. With the ability to provide superfast broadband, smoother transactions and increased flexibility through the use of VoIP are promised by the connections.

In truth, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and most other major cities in the country already enjoy high speed internet services. As such, the use of advanced technologies such as IP telephony is largely common place, providing greater cost effectiveness than ever before.

However, it is in the rural communities and more remote areas of the country that the newer and faster connections will have the greatest effect; it is in empowering these local businesses that the economic future of the country lays.

As things presently stand, many strongly founded businesses are struggling to realise their true potential – primarily because of their lack of access to adequate internet services in the modern day.

So great is the potential in fact, the coalition government recognised the importance broadband as a key target way back in the Queen’s Speech of 2010.

Plans are certainly progressing with the country-wide roll-out, though many fear the rate is slower than it should be.

However, the news from Point Topic’s research indicates that most UK businesses will be able to enjoy faster access by the end of 2016 at the latest. This is slightly later than originally planned, but very welcome none-the-less.

Callum Byrnes