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Over recent years, companies were given a stark lesson in the need to save costs wherever possible. As economic uncertainty continues, such cost saving measures are still being sought and introduced, with newer technologies leading the way in many respects.

An area that many companies are increasingly investing is in updating their communication platforms, with this traditionally being subject to much waste. One solution which many businesses are turning to is business VoIP.

IP telephony is fast becoming common place in many areas of life, and companies have been recognising that cheaper calls, particularly for those relying on regular international communications, are just one of the benefits.

The UK has seen a significant rise in spending on such solutions, but even with a strong economic recovery in the US, spending on VoIP here continues to rise.

New data released by Infonetics Research has shown a first quarter increase in spend on technology in 2012, where traditionally spend falls in the first half of a new year. This significant result has been fuelled by an uptake for IP communications.

In the first three months of 2012, VoIP service providers in the US saw a record revenue of $715million, (£456million). From the same period in 2011, this represents an 18% increase.

The news will not surprise many in the industry though.

One such name is the president of information service, Logan Abbott. He recently suggested that VoIP is set to become the most used tool by which businesses is conducted, saying:

“As the internet becomes more universally available, VoIP will trend towards becoming the main form of communication for businesses and individuals,”

Mr Abbott went on to say that he also feels that smartphone apps will be a huge driving force for the technology.

As innovation continues, costs continue to be driven down and new devices enter the fray, the future certainly does look bright.

Callum Byrnes