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Companies in Plymouth were given the opportunity to see what high-speed broadband holds for the future, as a BT Openreach roadshow rolled into town.

Teaming up with the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Plymouth City Council, the campaign is hoping to encourage the uptake of fast broadband, following a system upgrade by BT. The project, due for delivery in 2013, aims to deliver connection speeds of 330Mbps.

Such speeds will allow businesses to be far more competitive in the modern day marketplace. Internet-based computer programs will run quicker and smoother, whilst business VoIP systems will be greatly improved.

There are already over 50,000 business premises and homes in Plymouth city centre, and the neighbouring communities of Crownhill and Plympton, accessing super-fast fibre broadband.

The latest upgrades will see premises in Devonport and St Budeaux also enjoying such high speed access. It is an upgrade which is much anticipated by the local council.

The recent event, one of many which will be taking place over the coming months, saw a converted vehicle placed in Tamar Science Park. Companies were able to see just how effective the technology will be in the future, and ask questions of staff to fully understand the product.

They were also able to find out how to be more efficient in the future, and fully exploit the potential of faster connection speeds and technologies, such as VoIP.

Speaking about the benefits provided, a council spokesman said:

“Super-fast connections are becoming increasingly important for business. It enables companies to work more efficiently and effectively.”

It is a view shared by the Chamber of Commerce, with chief executive David Parlby saying of the promotion campaign:

“The demand stimulation programme has been designed to make companies aware of the benefits of super-fast broadband and how this technology enables them to do business differently.”

“This is essential for their future growth plans as well as those of the city.”

Callum Byrnes