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As of today Packnet will be offering the two following connectivity products:

  • Traffic Managed ADSL 2+ Unlimited
  • Traffic Managed FTTC 80/20 Unlimited

They are designed to be a cheaper alternative to the unlimited usage products already available from us. But what is a traffic managed service, how would it affect you, and why should you take advantage of it?

What is traffic-management?

The two products are traffic managed on specific protocols once a certain usage has been hit. The usage limit is based on a volume of data in any 60 minute period. Once this cap is hit, certain traffic types are then throttled for the next 60 minutes. The traffic types affected are – newsgroups, peer 2 peer, file download, and video streaming.

Would it really affect me?

That depends on how you use your internet connection.

Standard office use

For standard office use, i.e. voice and email, it shouldn’t affect you at all, you’ll be able to enjoy a cheaper connection without having to worry about usage limits and the possibility of over-usage charges.

Non-standard office use

For non-standard office, i.e. receiving large files and streaming videos regularly, then it may not be for you because your connection speed has the possibility of being throttled if you hit the 60 minute usage cap.

Not sure?

If you feel as if you are somewhere in between those two categories then you can always regrade (change service whilst in contract) to a non-traffic managed service if you find the traffic managed service to be unfit for purpose.

Why should I take advantage of it?

Traffic-managed services are offered at a significantly reduced price point in comparison to their non-traffic managed unlimited alternatives. Both products have a completely unlimited overall usage cap but you could save up to 25% by choosing a traffic-managed service.

Most businesses rarely even use the protocols which could potentially be throttled so it’s likely that you would never even notice the difference.

To make an enquiry about traffic-managed ADSL or FTTC contact Packnet by email or call us on 0161 660 2350.

Callum Byrnes