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IC Realtime, a producer of sophisticated surveillance equipment with offices in Dublin and the US, has opened up a new base in the UK, which it has decided to service communications-wise using a new hosted internet protocol (IP) telephony system.

The new system is understood to come complete with full business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) facilities, including the provision of IP telephony desktop phones – together with phone numbers which can be used at any location wherever there is a suitable internet connection.

Calls over the business VoIP network are also professionally handled via an automated attendant service, and voicemail capability is further included as part of the service.

In addition, the business VoIP phone system also includes capacity for the organisation of multiple voice conference calls.

IC Realtime is understood to have gone down the hosted IP telephony route, rather than install an IP telephony system on the premises, owing to the more manageable cost structure associated with its host IP telephony contract.

The company is also reported to have been attracted to the notion of not having to be burdened with the administrative and maintenance overheads associated with a premises-based IP telephony system.

According to IC Realtime’s sales channel manager, Christopher Valentino:

‘[Our] hosted IP telephony solution…not only met our needs but exceeded our expectations.’

The hosted IP telephony solution chosen by IC Realtime is in line with a growing trend among many businesses in the UK – particularly small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – which view the adoption of hosted business VoIP as a more manageable and accessible route to enjoying the high performance and administrative advantages associated with IP-based communications.

Often arranged through a business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller, such hosted systems also have benefits in terms of off-site maintenance and emergency back-up provision in the event of a local business phone systems failure.

Callum Byrnes