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A leading Chinese-based insurance company, Huaxia Life, has deployed a new internet protocol (IP) telephony and business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system connecting 100 branches across China. The company says that it plans to link a further 200 offices within the next few years as its market expansion continues.

Huaxia Life says that its move towards IP telephony and business VoIP was influenced both by the scale of the company’s growth, and by its being hampered by an overall branch communications network breakdown every time the traditional exchange system based at its main Beijing headquarters failed.

Huaxia Life says, however, that its headquarters and each of its branches can now continue to function independently regardless of any temporary failings elsewhere on the network – resulting in service levels to customers being completely unaffected.

The company says that its new business phone systems are also now much more scalable and generally far easier to manage.

They are in addition, it says, proving highly convenient for Huaxia Life staff, who now simply have to dial an extension to immediately get in contact with a staff member at any of the company’s other branches.

Staff, it says, can also easily use the IP telephony system to arrange voice conferencing with a number of employees simultaneously at multiple branches across the country.

Huaxia Life’s move to IP telephony and business VoIP is one which is also being taken by many small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across the globe in order to secure similar improved telephone system administration efficiencies, and to likewise help maintain business continuity during emergency situations.

SMEs are also finding that the adoption of IP telephony and business VoIP technologies offers further benefits – by enabling staff to use the same extension regardless of whether they are in or out of the office, and also by lowering annual phone costs.

Callum Byrnes