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Superfast Broadband and Voice Over IP at the Hive, Manchester

On the 24th January, Packnet presented at The Broadband Connection Voucher Launch Event at the Hive in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The event highlighted a £3000 grant available for local business looking to install superfast broadband at their premises. In order to qualify for the grant, businesses must have less than 250 employees, a turnover below £43 million per annum and no current access to superfast internet connectivity.

Our Commercial Director Ben Waterhouse kicked off the event, presenting a talk on how Packnet’s hosted Business VoIP Platform ‘Metis’ running on a superfast internet connection can make an organisation cheaper to run, more efficient, easier to grow, and better protect its customers data.

Ben’s presentation covered:

  • The benefits of superfast broadband
  • An explanation of Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and how it works
  • The advantages of a hosted VoIP system
  • Existing Packnet customer case studies

Following the presentation, Packnet’s Managing Director, Patrick Byrnes was invited to be part of the events’ panel discussion, where the topics of discussion focused on how businesses could access the available funding, as well as more in-depth explanations of how some of the benefits of Superfast broadband would manifest themselves in practice. The conclusion, as summed up by Patrick, was that “Superfast broadband is not just the future, it is the present. Businesses that actively engage with its benefits can improve the ways in which they operate in so many different ways that they will develop a serious competitive advantage when compared to businesses that fail to grasp the opportunity.”

Download Ben’s ‘Benefits of doing business in a digital age’ presentation.

Callum Byrnes