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Download PackNet’s guide to VoIP for small to medium sized businesses.

In the last few years, VoIP has become the solution that many businesses are now looking at for a flexible, efficient, and future-proofed business telephone system. Business VoIP offers cheaper calls, better call quality and a wealth of other benefits over traditional telecoms solutions.

We have been working hard at Packnet over the last month putting together our guide to VoIP for Small to Medium Sized Business. So if you are currently looking at business telephone systems and are considering VoIP as a solution, then download and read our guide which includes simple and clear explanations of the benefits and costs involved, the different types of connectivity available, the equipment and infrastructure you will require, as well as instructions on number porting and retaining your existing phone numbers.

Even if VoIP or hosted telephony is not the solution you choose to move to immediately, it should still be on your radar. Your business should analyse what the demands will be upon it, both now and in the near future. Once your needs have been identified, the chances are that VoIP or hosted telephony will offer the best return on investment, both in terms of infrastructure but more importantly efficiency and longevity.

Callum Byrnes