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An increasing number of markets across the globe are demonstrating their love for business VoIP through active investment in the telecommunications medium and it appears that South Africa may be joining them in experiencing widespread use of the technology.

VoIP has been described as a “rising star” in the South African business community by IT Web and a number of bosses are beginning to open their eyes to the benefits. It enables companies to make calls online; saving them a substantial amount of money when compared to running them over a copper line.

Further, the number of those in South Africa who are able to access the web is rapidly growing, which allows more businesses and individuals the opportunity to install the VoIP solution. Presently, around 30 per cent of the South African population are able to connect online, but that is anticipated to increase by over 20% in the following 12 months, according to numbers provided by The New Wave.

This will see more businesses being given the opportunity to deploy VoIP and take advantage of the numerous benefits. These benefits are not purely monetary as they also offer increases quality and reliability.

The sources observed that there are numerous uses that South Africans can make of VoIP. For example, they will be able to find information faster than they previously could, and make calls more often with increased durations, knowing they won’t be presented with a large bill.

It comes, therefore, as no shock to see so many businesses and individuals looking to work with VoIP systems in the current business climate. Reliable cost cutting techniques such as this never fail to be popular during difficult times.

Some providers also offer an option which includes services for voice chat and business phone systems, which can impact business operations in a hugely positive way.

Callum Byrnes