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No matter what age or gender of people in the UK, every single one could make use of VoIP due to the sheer number of benefits that it provides.

A guide has been published by VoIP Review and it appears that the market of the technology consists of just about everybody. For example, parents continually on the move can use VoIP in order for their children to stay in constant touch, even when stuck in the office.

VoIP enables families to save money on calls made over an IP network, as opposed to depending on traditional but costly phone lines. In addition to the cost benefits, it should be noted that there is potential for an increase in quality of calls and increased reliability in telecommunications.

The popularity of broadband has played a significant role in the uptake of VoIP. In 1995 in the U.S., there were a mere 18 million online connections in homes, compared to the 500 million of today.

VoIP Review made the point that by improving web links, it enables far more than improved access to ‘Angry Birds’ and Facebook. The trend has been received well by businesses, which are now able to run solutions such as business VoIP with ease.

The review continued by explaining that VoIP also has the potential to be extremely successful with grandparents and teenagers. Young people tend to want freedom but allowing them the opportunity to stay connected is a smart move. Older family members who are struggling for cash have a lot to benefit from by integrating IP telephony in their home.

Businesses are the customers that win the most, however, with many being desperate to implement cutbacks. By employing business VoIP, they all but guarantee themselves a more profitable future, as well as the opportunity to cut down on expenditure by a very significant amount in the long-term.

Callum Byrnes