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Top VoIP equipment manufacturer Snom has suggested that its 870 CryptoPhone handset boasts so many superior features that it meets all the specifications required under US President Barack Obama’s reported request for a ‘cool’ new White House phone.

Mr Obama’s request was featured in a recent report by the Press Association; and Snom’s response, on the company’s website, although slightly tongue in cheek, is clearly designed to highlight the effectiveness of one of the latest models from a major supplier to the internet protocol (IP) telephony market.

Snom says that its 870 Cryptophone VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone is, first of all, more than stylish enough to meet Mr Obama’s defining criterion of looking ‘cool’; Snom handsets have long been commended throughout the industry for both their aesthetics and their intuitive, user-friendly interfaces.

Just as significantly perhaps, according to Snom, the 870 Cryptophone possesses a variety of superior security features that would easily help reassure the leader of the Free World as he carries out his day-to-day communications within the busy, modern information super-highway.

Among these high security features is the provision of a completely duplicated replication of the phone’s source code, facilitating the straightforward undertaking of independent verification checks on the phone’s security.

Snom also highlights the superior reliability of the phone’s R45 gigabit wired Ethernet connection.

It should furthermore be pointed out of course that the call quality of Snom phones has also been proven to remain consistently high whenever they have been introduced afresh into the business phone systems of a whole host of companies and organisations. Business continuity at the White House would therefore be assured.

It is perhaps up for argument of course whether, in the age of austerity, the White House ought to save money on infrastructure costs by securing its IP telephony via a hosted business VoIP provider or a VoIP reseller.

Callum Byrnes