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The director of the Wales division of UK telecommunications regulator, Ofcom, has said that businesses in the region would benefit substantially from the introduction of reliable high speed mobile broadband access.

Speaking to attendees at a recent meeting of the Wales business interests group, the Cardiff Breakfast Club, Ofcom director for Wales, Rhodri Williams, said he believes that the capacity to access high speed broadband whilst away from the office is essential in ensuring that businesses in Wales can continue to operate on an even keel with rival companies around the world.

Put quite simply, Williams says: ‘Being able to do business on the move is a prerequisite of international competitiveness’.

Among those benefitting from being able to access appropriate high speed broadband connections whilst working remotely are those executives whose companies have embraced business VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

Provided there is a compatible fast broadband connection nearby, and the executive has a suitable internet protocol (IP) telephony receiver, they will have the convenience of being able to use the same phone line extension as if they were sat at their desk back in the office.

Crucially for the company itself, however, the cost savings associated with business VoIP will still apply wherever IP telephony can be made over the same VoIP extension line.

High speed broadband access in Wales has to date been restricted to 3G networks. However, even on these networks, speeds and transmission quality have been the subject of considerable criticism.

Adoption of business VoIP, meanwhile, has been shown to be on the increase worldwide; whether through the installation of in-house VoIP business phone systems, or via the more economical and administratively less demanding alternative of a remote hosted service from a business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller.

Callum Byrnes