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Leading internet protocol (IP) telephony equipment manufacturer, Snom, has announced the release of a new business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone handset – the latest model in its industry-wide acclaimed 7xx series.

The new model – the Snom 710 – is described by Snom as an all-purpose phone suitable for both large and small enterprises. Snom has also been keen to emphasise the wide accessibility of the new model in terms of price.

Snom says that its new 710 model matches the other models in the series – the Snom 720 and the Snom 760 – in regard to its ability to receive high definition standard voice signals, as well as in its user-friendly operating system.

The company also draws attention to the 710’s shared capacity with the 720 and 760 for running in conjunction with business telephone systems adapted for IP telephony via session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking technology.

Snom’s chief operating officer, Mike Storella, however, emphasised that there were many aspects of the new 710 model which were likely to further define it as a powerful force in the market. He said:

“…with exceptional design, performance and advanced IP communications features, [it is a] standout compared to other phones in its class.”

Features on the new Snom 210 are said to include a clear, easily readable screen display, four application keys capable of serving several different functions, and five individually programmable buttons.

The model is also reported as being capable of making and receiving calls on more than one line – as well as incorporating a special security feature which enables the handset to be rapidly set up for use at any location – without the need for any additional manual programming.

The phone is also promoted as ideal for those enterprises making use of the services of a host business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller, owing to its capacity for straightforward remote management.

Callum Byrnes