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Citel Technologies Inc. has announced that its upgrade of hardware to the award-winning product Portico TVA, which allows it to receive power from 48vDC when utilised in central offices, has now been granted regulatory approval.

The development went ahead in order to give support to each level of carrier which helps customers make a smooth transition from DMS100 Centrex to an IP-based Centrex solution.

The Portico TVA allows firms to see their customers make a smooth transition to business VoIP without having to rip out and replace their current cabling infrastructure, install Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and buy additional IP phones. Customers can keep their current Centrex, analogue and digital phones and not have to remove the current switches by using Portico TVA to SIP enable those phones. This is a cost effective and quick method of migrating to business VoIP.

The Portico TVA was developed originally to be a premise-based tool but has been given the upgrade in order to satisfy carriers who wished to use the whole service in central offices when migrating their Centrex-based clients to a cloud IP telephony service. They are now able to do just that.

A Citel spokesman previously commented:

“Companies have been looking at ways of moving their customers over to IP telephony with minimal disruption, and with this 48vDC powered, Central Office version of the Portico TVA, we can ensure the customer can obtain the benefits of VoIP without any of the disruptions that occur when new cabling, PoE switches and IP phones have to be installed.”

The development was announced some time ago but the product has been given further refinement to ensure that a seamless and regulatory process takes place. Subject to documentary updates, the project has now been fully completed.

Callum Byrnes