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A survey in the US has revealed that 84 per cent of businesses have taken to IP telephony. The study was carried out by research company Ovum, which organised the research for Dimension Data, a provider of unified communications.

This is high in contrast to the worldwide average, which stands at 75 per cent. The survey questioned employees and IT managers from businesses throughout the world.

Dimension Data director of converged communications, Scott Cruikshank, told FierceEnterpriseCommunications said that it saw increased maturity in the US compared to other countries when it came to IP telephony. He said:

“There are a lot of benefits when you move to IP. It supports the transition in the workforce from a workplace environment to more of a workspace… The flexibility you get with IP enhances this move. You no longer have to be tied to a centralized TDM.”

Cruikshank went on to say that the research discovered that the US market’s maturity in its acceptance of IP telephony had led to the use of other core UC programs, such as presence and instant messaging.

Approximately 71 per cent of large companies in the US said they used instant messaging, with that figure at 66 per cent globally. It was also revealed that 80 per cent of firms use web and audio conferencing, with that number standing at 62 per cent globally.

Further, 47 per cent of US firms said that they used collaboration and workspace tools, when compared with a mere 39 per cent on a global scale.

Most businesses in the US said that they would consider deploying a premise-based solution when using IP telephony with 41 per cent saying that would consider the same solution for use with standard UC.

Cruikshank said that 50 per cent of US companies were in support of employees bringing personal devices in the workplace, with just 30 per cent holding that same view, globally.

Callum Byrnes