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The UK arm of business VoIP equipment manufacturer, Yealink, has announced record breaking sales for the year to date.

Incredibly, the company says that the sales total for the first five months of the year up to 31st May actually eclipsed the company’s sales figures for the whole of 2010.

Yealink UK says that it expects this upward trend to continue until the end of 2011; by which time, it argues, the company should have more than doubled its turnover – from £723,000 in 2010 to £1.5 million in 2011.

Yealink UK, which is a major player in the growing market for business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and internet protocol (IP) telephony, is best known for manufacturing VoIP handsets – often supplied directly to companies setting up their own IP-based business phone systems, or indirectly to those drawing on the services of a remote host business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller.

Yealink UK says that its sales figures have been bolstered by the success of breaking into the business VoIP and IP telephony markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. According to Yealink UK managing director, Andrew Roberts, these overseas sales markets currently account for over 30% of the company’s income.

Yealink UK says it has now also secured additional agreements to provide IP telephony equipment to major network operators worldwide.

In a further move reflecting the company’s increasing presence on the overseas markets, Yealink UK has also recruited an international business development director, Charles Williams – the first time such an appointment has been made by the organisation.

Yealink’s success reflects the growing worldwide demand for IP telephony – and business VoIP in particular – largely because of the greater speed and flexibility the technology offers over conventional business phone systems; and owing to the cheaper phone costs it usually provides.

Callum Byrnes