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Telephony firm Tellumat Communication Solutions has put pen to paper on a distribution arrangement with Canada-based Phybridge, the VoIP client premises equipment manufacturer.

The deal will see Tellumat make Phybridge’s entire range of products available to its resellers in South Africa. This includes PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet), its VoIP infrastructure switch.

The latest PoLRE offering from Phybridge is set to make business VoIP an easier prospect with installations for conventional voice resellers, according to Tellumat’s Bennie Langenhoven. He explained a major difference in architecture with regards to how Phybridge tackles convergence, in comparison to local area network IP telephony. He said:

“Convergence doesn’t happen at the desktop, but centrally at the PBX. Instead of plugging the IP phone into the network point and from there into the PC, it is plugged into the existing telephone cabling [with the help of a converter] and back-ended by a specialist PoLRE data switch in the PBX room.”

With dedicated voice bandwidth, the Phybridge offering guarantees high service quality, which isn’t always the case when dealing with a LAN-based infrastructure. Another advantage of current cable infrastructure is expected to lie in its cost-effectiveness, as well as its simple and quick installation.

Langenhoven went on to say that the PBX room is where everything takes place, so the day-to-day business can continue without interruption. He explained that upgrading or duplicating the company’s LAN can take a matter of weeks, yet with Phybridge, it is more a case of days. He also pointed out that there can be a high cost involved when installing LAN, such as assessing the readiness of the network and making any necessary corrections. There is no network assessment required for Phybridge.

Phybridge can also be used in a business of any size and by any IP telephony vendor; it is just as relevant to an on-site deployment as it is in a hosted IP telephony environment.

Callum Byrnes