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Midaire LLC has announced the release of its latest telecommunications service. BackFlip, which caters mainly for SMBs, enables commercial clients to use IP telephony without having to change any of their existing equipment.

The company’s senior partner, Michael LeBrun, said that the product allows customers to save money without investing in new hardware. Clients are also spared the hassle of having to learn about a new system’s intricacies, meaning they won’t have to make any changes to how they operate as businesses. He said:

“We call it ‘backward revolutionary’ because it works with the equipment they already use and own. Midaire can come in after business hours, initialize BackFlip for our new customer, and when the customer comes to work the next day, they won’t know the difference. But at the end of the month, they’d pay less than they have before.”

Furthermore, Midaire has decided to launch a new variation of its MidPoint offering, which brings IP to desktops. Businesses can now access both services through Midaire’s dealer network.

The firm is also attempting to patent its Lines of Mobile (LoM) application development. LoM enables SMBs to use their commercial telephone services remotely. LeBrun says that the application is impressive in its ability to offer remote communication, considering it works with equipment which doesn’t have the same capabilities.

An SMB proprietor working outside of the office can answer calls discretionarily and use a business line to make outgoing calls. One significant factor is that the service works on a mobile device’s voice side, whereas most SIP clients operate using data. This offers an increase in range and better sound quality.

Midaire is to launch the technology under the name AirePocket and SMBs will be able to take advantage later in the year.

Callum Byrnes