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Avaya, the international business communications, collaboration services and systems firm, has made an announcement explaining that its contact centre technology will be used to enhance the workforce mobility and production of Pacific Hotels Group, in a move to ensure increased customer satisfaction.

The accommodation firm is looking to offer new options in room service, allowing guests to receive a quicker response and an overall more effective and efficient personalised service. This was important as the company wished to increase its capabilities in customer service through enhanced resource management and increased efficiency.

Central to the integration was IP Deskphone installation in the back office and guest rooms, along with integration of Avaya’s Aura Communication Manager. Thanks to Avaya’s Unified Communications Network, the company was able to allow employees to quickly respond to any request from any location in the building.

Contact centre managers are now able to record and track calls that have been made by multiple operators, while monitoring average call times and queues. This means that Pan Pacific can now determine, with more accuracy, any gaps in customer service and re-route requests to an operator deemed more appropriate to handle the query.

The hotel firm’s head of information technology, Tsi Lip Siong, spoke about the move in a statement. He said:

“We needed to improve our industry competitiveness by enhancing staff mobility and offering guests new room service options, such as room cleaning or laundry requests. We also wanted to reduce equipment maintenance, administration and costs by deploying a converged network to operate hotel telephony, CCTV and in-room data services.”

He went to say that the firm sees Avaya’s IP telephony being a part of its long-term plan, largely because of Avaya’s knowledge of hospitality, and its network and product integration.

Callum Byrnes