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Mobile Decisioning, a firm that works with solutions for emergency airtime in Africa, has managed to link data and voice via an IP PBX platform to decrease operation and collaboration costs.

A managed IP PBX platform offers a wide range of options provided by the current market. For example, enterprise calls through desk phones can, if unanswered, be forwarded to individuals’ mobiles – increasing convenience. As well as this, the platform has customised features such as a contact centre, where more than 60 individuals are able to make calls, as well as attend meetings on GSM.

For the firm, integrating the managed IP IBX has turned out to be practical as it has given it a virtual residence to a number of company offices in Africa. The integration has been a sensible one as management was allowed to set, as well as keep track of, credit limit on sales accounts. Furthermore, the company’s engineers get to save on roaming charges when calling West Africa with only standard local rates applied.

MTN Business Kenya decided to re-launch IP telephony, enabling seamless integration for both mobile and desk phones, and in the process eliminated a need for employees to have more than one phone number.

MTN Business Kenya pre-sales engineer, Raphael Mulei, said:

“Clients do not need to make any additional capital investments to acquire the IP PBX. It is ideal for people who are constantly on the move and away from their desks but need to be in touch with office operations.”

Mobile Decisioning’s director for innovation, Kevin Omondi, also said that the firm has worked with MTN ever since its inception and that IP telephony has been extremely successful. He also went on to say that it is a cost-effective collaboration model he believes that CIOS should integrate.

Callum Byrnes