IP Telephony

Call Management

Call Management allows you to route and direct calls within your business in the most efficient way to maximise your business efficiency.

Dialplan, Huntgroups, Call queuing are just some of the features which are available to the user. Call Management allows you to move extensions within business groups in times of need or peak volumes. You can also manage your outbound call profiling by setting specific CLI’s to the outbound call, withholding your CLI, or barring employees from making international calls.

Call Management allows you to set your working hours and redirect calls after this period to either the IVR platform or to an overflow external number. For companies with multiple sites call can be moved between the company’s sites to match working patterns. Should your business have international sites again calls can be redirected between them making geographic locations a non issue.

Call Management and profiling are the building blocks on which your telephony requirements are based. The ability to adapt and change your call management gives your business increased efficiency and a real edge over the competition.

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