Hosted Telephony

Outbound call management gives you flexibility within your business. There are a number of things which Metis allows you to manage within the outbound calling management section.

CLI (Caller Line Identifier) can be changed on a per extension basis. You can set this to the ID which is needed at the time and is identified to the receiver of the call. For example the support and finance departments within your business can either have different CLI’s when making outbound calls or they can have the same CLI. You can withhold the CLI of the call should you need to.

To manage costs international calls can be barred. Calls to expensive premium rate numbers can also be barred, and the powerful reporting tools means you can see what is happening within your business at any time.

Calls can be tracked by type, cost or time of day. You can see who makes the most calls or spends the most time on the phone. All these things give you the tools to be able to manage both you time and staff in the most effective way.

If you are interested in our outbound call management solutions then please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry today, or call us on 0161 6602350.