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Yealink to release new IP telephony receiver model

Yealink, the successful Chinese telecommunications hardware company is set to introduce a new internet protocol (IP) telephony receiver model onto the market.

The new model – the SIP-T38G – is a desktop phone designed to integrate easily into existing internet business phone systems, along the lines of Yealink’s already popular model, the T-28.

Among the exciting new features of the T38G are a large, easy to navigate 4.3 inch colour display screen; two simultaneously functioning gigabit Ethernet local area network connection ports; and the capability to handle high definition (HD) broadband level features such as HD voice and HD Codec video transmissions.

The T38G is the latest addition to Yealink’s wide range of hardware designed for the growing market in business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services.

VoIP’s increasing popularity is largely based on its ability to free companies from having to pay the high tariffs traditionally levied for making calls over public network exchange telephone line connections. Instead, with business VoIP, all calls are made more cheaply over the internet.

In keeping with Yealink’s strategy of evolving to meet the ever more sophisticated needs of the business VoIP community, the T38G also fully exploits many of the wideband flexibility advantages associated with VoIP.

Thus, for example, the T38G provides the user with the capacity to connect to as many as six separate VoIP links, together with the ability to access dedicated emergency lines.

Yealink has also gone out of its way to ensure the T38G benefits from full compatibility with most other business phone systems hardware by, for example, designing the handset to accept connections from any headset, including all makes of wireless headset.

The market release date for the T38G – reported to retail around £115 ($189) – is expected to be announced imminently.

Callum Byrnes