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Going down the route of fully embracing business VoIP may initially appeal to most firms but some may still be reluctant converts; perhaps a business might not consider that it receives enough calls every month to warrant taking advantage of the cost savings associated with VoIP; or perhaps expenditure priorities might appear to lie elsewhere. Yet, reliable advice on the merits of VoIP can often throw up some very tempting considerations for almost all businesses.

Some firms, for example, may generally make and receive fewer calls than most but might instead experience spikes of activity at certain times. For such firms it can make sense to gain temporary access to VoIP and internet protocol (IP) telephony during these busy periods; often via the installation of session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking – VoIP gateways which can simply be added to most private business exchanges at relatively cheap rental rates.

Furthermore, even for those firms which do not appear to have an overriding priority to lower their phone bills, adoption of business VoIP can still provide other important strategic benefits.

For example, the scope which VoIP offers for enabling customers to reach staff at different locations using the same number is one that many businesses have found adds to their call-handling efficiency and overall image.

In the same vein, businesses which use the hosted services of a remote business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller, come to appreciate the fast and efficient support they always receive; and the fact that they can be reassured their customers will always be presented with a reliable phone service.

Finally, another advantage of business VoIP is the greater control it confers on firms over phone line allocation and call monitoring; and also over their ability to extend or contract the size and scope of their entire internal business phone systems without any complex wiring.

Callum Byrnes