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The benefits of business VoIP (voice over internet protocol), including cheaper call rates and easier to manage business phone systems, are very well-known. For those companies looking to switch to using VoIP, however, it is worth considering why a host system from a business VoIP provider is fast becoming a more preferable option than installing an in-house VoIP system.

The main reason for choosing a hosted VoIP solution over a system purchased outright is cost. For smaller companies in particular, the capital expenditure required to install a reliable in-house VoIP business phone systems can be extremely prohibitive. The monthly cost of accessing the services of a business VoIP provider starts to look much more attractive in comparison.

Another prime reason for going down the hosted VoIP route is easier access to the necessary technical expertise. Although business VoIP is simple and straightforward enough to adapt to from an end user point of view, the technology behind VoIP and internet protocol (IP) telephony, requires a great deal of specialist IT knowledge. For many companies this expertise is unavailable in-house, and to acquire it may well prove prohibitively expensive.

A third reason why a host provider is often preferred is the reliability factor. The best host VoIP providers are now well-established with many years of experience in solving challenges quickly and efficiently. Even for those companies who might feel more comfortable with a more local hosted service it is worth looking into the possibility of choosing a VoIP reseller, as the latter will still often be sub-contracted and assisted by a larger, established VoIP provider.

Finally, the danger of any capital investment is that it can quickly become obsolete. In the fast-moving world of IP telephony it would be a brave business that puts all its money into one specific system rather than opting for a non-binding arrangement with a VoIP provider.

Callum Byrnes