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Companies all over Cornwall have a fantastic opportunity to reap the benefits of business VoIP, as soon they will be able to access an enhanced infrastructure that will allow the technology to be run from their workplace.

BT has announced that it will deliver fibre broadband of super speeds to most of the UK; meaning there will be no more concerns regarding the remote area being left out when it comes to technology. On the contrary, it should soon be in the position to have the very latest systems running as every bit as efficiently as the UK’s largest cities and business hubs.

Many businesspeople see VoIP as a solution to rising call costs as it can provide huge savings when it is utilised to maximum effectiveness. Less costly call expenses will help bosses immediately in cutting their phone bills, and even more so if they need to maintain a regular level of contact with overseas colleagues and clients, with global rates being highly affordable when compared with those of conventional telecommunications companies.

Cornwall Development Company programme director Nigel Ashcroft highlighted just how important broadband is in enabling businesses to enjoy growth and success.

“This announcement is a major step forward for Cornwall. It means that tens of thousands more Cornish businesses and households will have access to high-speed fibre broadband than was originally expected.”

Those businesses that take advantage of VoIP on new super-fast broadband will realise soon the benefits that other parts of the UK have been able to reap, essentially a platform to allow business people to make telephone calls from anywhere for cost-effective rates.

In these struggling times, it may be that there are few companies in a position to turn their back on the opportunity to cut down on expenditure and improve productivity immediately.

Callum Byrnes