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The next event for interoperability testing of SIP trunking has been announced by the SIP Forum in a bid to help the industry adopt SIPconnect’s 1.1 Technical Specifications.

The SIPconnect-IT event will be held at the University of New Hamphire’s Interoperability Laboratory over five days in May.

The event will provide equipment vendors , service providers, and application developers with a platform that will test and demonstrate implementations of the interoperability testing that will take place in a live network.

The event’s main agenda is to offer a venue that will allow those in attendance to test technical interoperability between and among products and services that employ the 1.1 Technical Specification published by the Forum.

SIP Forum Managing Director and President, Marc Robins, feels that the event has become an important one. He said:

“Following upon the success of the first SIPconnect-IT event, SIPconnect-IT 2013 will once again offer the IP communications engineering community an important venue to put the theory and ideals of SIPconnect 1.1 into action and continue the hard work of identifying and ultimately resolving key internetworking issues related to SIP trunking.”

UNHIOL hosted the SIPconnect-IT 2013. The laboratory emphases test services for storage, telecom and data technologies, which helps to shorten the time period taken for products to be available on the market, as well as improve cost-efficiency. The UNHIOL is an independent organisation that offers vendor-neutral and confidential testing, recognised throughout the industry as interoperability evidence as well as adherence to technical guidelines.

The 1.1 Interoperability Test Plan emphases tests of interoperability between network elements and vendor products related to SIP Trunking. Testing procedures plan to verify any interoperability between a Service Provider network SIP Signaling Entity and an Enterprise SIPPBX.

The event will run from May 6th – 10th.

Callum Byrnes